Fat Dissolving is a wonderfully advanced treatment that permanently reduces fat in targeted areas to carefully sculpt the body and restore confidence, particularly to pin-point certain areas with precision and expertise.

The treatment uses an active ingredient – deoxycholic acid – which naturally occurs within the body. Its role is to break down and digest the fats in our diet.

Within aesthetics, it’s administered via multiple injections as part of a course of 4-6 sessions – its effects result in specific areas of fat being permanently dissolved. After the first 3 sessions, most clients see a reduction of fat at around 20-50%. Subsequent treatments and completion of the course see a final outcome of between 70% and 80% reduction in the area.

Fat Dissolving can not be used as an alternative to a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle, but as an incredible and supplementary treatment to target stubborn areas or ‘pockets’ of fat that linger despite regular exercise. The lasting effect will highly depend on the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Under the chin is a common area to treat, but areas such as the arms, hips, abdomen and legs can also be treated and will be discussed in detail at the time of consultation. The procedure is minimally invasive with low risk of complications. Common side effects of swelling and bruising tend to subside after around 4 days.

Your Aesthetics practitioner will assess your requirements and advise you on a tailored treatment plan and aftercare.

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Fat Dissolving Treatments May Consist Of A Downtime Of 3-10 days.

Treatment duration:

30-40 minutes.


Avoid alcohol, smoking and hot showers for 6 hours. Avoid direct heat to the face for 7 days. No exercise for 24 hours.

Results can last:


Common side effects:

Swelling which can be significant in the first 1-2 treatments.

Treatment comfort:

Mild discomfort however topical and injected anaesthetic given.


From £195 per session.

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