Botulinum Toxin A injections are an effective way to treat concerns affecting the muscles of the lower face. Over use or genetically larger than average masseter muscles located at the angle of the jaw can cause both a medical and aesthetic concern. For some grinding and clenching of the back teeth can be a troublesome side effect of the enlarged muscles and for others the squared appearance of the lower face may be perceived as unattractive.

Masseter reduction is made up of a number of very small injections administered with absolute precision and an ultra-fine needle. The injections contain Botulinum Toxin A – a protein which works by blocking the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This in turn stops the muscle from contracting and shrinking in size over time.

Appropriate doses as advised by your Aesthetics practitioner will not restrict expressive movement, but subtly enhance your appearance for a natural look.


Masseter Reduction requires 2-4 hours downtime.

Treatment duration:

10-20 minutes.


Avoid hot showers, saunas as well as exercise for 24 hours and avoid sunbathing or sunbeds for up to 7 days.

Results can last:

Between 3-6 months. Full results effective at around 14 days, top-up may be required.

Common side effects:

Some bruising and occasional swelling to subside after a few days.

Treatment comfort:

Minimal Pain.

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