Jawline Sculpting is a dermal filler treatment used to combat a number of potential concerns where shape, definition or volume have been lost through the effects of ageing, rapid weight changes or may lack naturally as part of anatomic and genetic predisposition.

By using a high-density hyaluronic acid dermal filler that can mimic the appearance of bone-like structure, results will enhance your own bone shape for the most natural look tailored to you – be it to build and construct a more pronounced jaw by adding volume and definition, or to soften more angular silhouettes to balance out facial proportions and create symmetry to the face.

Popular with both men and women, Jawline Sculpting is often combined with Chin Filler treatments when addressing profile-balancing and Profhilo as part of our Facial Contouring Packages to reform and restore. A thorough consultation with your Aesthetics practitioner will uncover which treatment combinations may be best suited to you.


Jawline Sculpting can lead to slight soreness at the injection site and swelling is normal with bruising on occasion lasting 24-72 hours. 7-10 days healing.

Treatment duration:

From 30 minutes.


Avoid alcohol, smoking and hot showers for 6 hours. Avoid direct heat to the face for 7 days. No exercise for 24 hours.

Results can last:

Between 6-12 months. Non-Permanent.

Common side effects:

Some bruising and swelling, possible headaches.

Treatment comfort:

Minimal pain, local anaesthetic cream applied to the treatment area.

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