Chin Filler treatments work to remodel the lower part of the face, creating balance between the upper two thirds of the face and also to harmonise the facial profile in proportion with the nose, lips and forehead.

Using a high-density hyaluronic acid dermal filler, we can deliver a number of small injections to place product carefully in specific areas to treat common concerns associated with the chin, such as; adding volume and definition to project and pronounce a ‘weak’ or recessed chin; softening a pointed or more angular chin; or subtly lengthening the chin to elongate the face for a more symmetrical and proportioned appearance.

In addition to dermal filler sculpting, Botulium Toxin A injections can be used to smooth irregularities like dimples or creases and create a smoother appearance of the chin area.

Chin Filler can also be used in conjunction with Jawline Sculpting treatments to treat some cases where jowls have formed as a result of the ageing process for a more defined look, and are often paired with Nose Augmentation treatments to achieve overall profile balance. Your Aesthetics practitioner will work with you to carefully assess your chin and surrounding treatment area to discover the most suitable combination of treatments for you.


Chin Augmentation requires 1-3 days downtime.

Treatment duration:

15-30 minutes.


Avoid alcohol, smoking and hot showers for 6 hours. Avoid direct heat to the face for 7 days. No exercise for 24 hours.

Results can last:

4-9 months.

Common side effects:

Swelling and mild bruising are the most common.

Treatment comfort:

Minimal pain following topical anaesthetic cream.

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